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How to find the right Las Vegas Medical Spa for your needs.

Your skin is important, and its treatment must be left in the hands of a professional. Since there is an absence of national guidelines for medical spas, treatments can vary. Make sure you check your prospective medical spa before you start the process of your skin treatment. Ensure you ask the right questions; investigate their reviews and … [Continue Reading...]

Looking For A Las Vegas Medical Spa?

Part skin clinic, medical spas, and part day spa provides another alternative for the treatment of acne, anti-aging treatment, and other dermatological processes. What is your opinion about acquiring a treatment procedure at a Las Vegas medical spa? This write-up will provide you with the right answers before you book your first session at a … [Continue Reading...]

Make Us Your Las Vegas Medical Spa!

Medical Spa, What is the meaning? A Medical Spa can be defined as the perfect spot where individuals achieve curative medical skin care treatments and products for the treatment of skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, a deficit in the facial volume, and the adverse effects of aging skin. … [Continue Reading...]

Las Vegas Medical Spa – How Are We Different?

WHAT MAKES US DISTINCT FROM OTHER SPAS? Our Medical Spa at Las Vegas has the soothing components of a spa with the technology and skills of a doctor’s office. We are your reliable source for the most effective anti-aging, corrective skincare products and treatment plans, and certified solutions. Dr. Dempsey has a dedicated staff that applies a … [Continue Reading...]