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Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas

Comfortable laser hair removal can be used all over the body. Don’t struggle with stray stubble. Remove the unwanted hair quickly and easily right here in our office. We can remove hair from the face, neck, back, shoulders, chest, bikini area, legs, arms and toes. Laser hair removal is painless and safe. A concentrated laser is aimed at the … [Continue Reading...]

Las Vegas Medical Spa Facials

Have you ever want to take a facial to the next level? Well, then a Medical Spa Facial treatment is for you. Medical Spa Facials are still about pampering and comfort. Make no mistake, Medical Spa Facials just take things a step further. We utilize medical-grade ingredients that are only available to Medical Spas. They produce a deeper cleansing … [Continue Reading...]

Medical Spas Can Help Improve The Health of Your Skin!

Many people are anxiety-ridden when it comes to going to the doctor for even simple reasons like Acne. The Medical Spa offers a safe, comfortable environment, which allows people to enter the medical world in a calmer, more peaceful manner. Caring for your skin is important not only to your looks but your health as well. Trained professionals know … [Continue Reading...]

Are you looking for a Las Vegas Med-Spa?

What is a Medical Spa? We all know what a spa is; just the word evokes thoughts of pleasure and happiness in my brain, but what about a medical spa? A regular Spa has a manager that probably has a background in various things like facials, skincare, hair, and nail care. They are experts in their field and supervise staff to meet your needs … [Continue Reading...]