Experience effective and beautifying skin rejuvenation for rosacea, sun damage, age spots, actinic keratoses (AKs) and acne.
With an IPL Photofacial in our Las Vegas location, you will see the tone and texture of your skin become smoother and more even. You’ll reverse signs of aging due to photo aging and sun damage. Rosacea, redness and flushing are treated successfully. Actinic keratoses (AKs) or rough, scaly patches on the skin may sometimes progress to skin cancer, remove them early with this therapy.
Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments utilizing the laser energy of the Lumenis One™ provide safe and reliable treatment of many skin abnormalities through the process of photo rejuvenation. IPL skin treatments are ideal for patients who desire to even the tone and texture of their skin, while reversing the signs of photo aging or sun damage. There is minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Due to the low energy used and the aid of the sapphire chill tip, which provides pre- and post-cooling of the treatment area, the need for topical anesthetic is minimal. Since the treatments do not require downtime for healing, IPL is an appealing choice. After your session, you may apply your make-up and resume your normal activities. We do ask you to avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear SPF 30 on a regular basis.

Our Las Vegas Photofacial IPL treats a wide variety of skin conditions:
 actinic keratoses
 sun damage
 skin texture
 broken capillaries
 brown spots
 age spots
 dark circles around the eyes
 sun-induced freckles on the hands, chest and face
 broken capillaries around the nose
Time: 5 to 60 minutes depending on how many areas will be treated