DiamondGlow™ Treatment

DiamondGlow™ Treatment In Las Vegas

Our latest and greatest treatment is DiamondGlow™.  At DermaBella Medical Spa, we are the innovators of many top-notch skincare treatments and regimens. DiamondGlow™ is no exception. Skin resurfacing provides a dewy, radiant look on skin that has been plagued with dryness, fine lines, sagging, and roughness. Clients have described this treatment as pleasurable with instant results! What could be more gratifying?

DiamondGlow™ Process


Expose Renewed Skin


Remove Debris From Pores


Nourish Skin

Enhances Skin Clarity and Luminosity

The DiamondGlow™ Dermabrasion treatment enhances skin clarity and luminosity by incorporating an infusion of topical cosmetic serums to the skin surface, called SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Systems. The SkinMedica® Pro-fusion Serums used at DermaBella Medical Spa in Las Vegas are both sulfate and sulfite-free as well as paraben and fragrance-free. We practice only the best standards of care to ensure your safety and satisfaction when it comes to these treatments.

DiamondGlow™ Serum Collection

Advanced+ Serum

Skin Brightening

Ultra Hydrating

Vitamin C

Pore Clarifying

The Results

Our targets are coarse wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and skin surface. DiamondGlow™ treatments enhance the tone and texture of your skin. Some even note that skin appears plumper and dewier immediately following treatment. Remember that the look and feel of your skin brighten and appear smoother and more youthful with each treatment.

We know that when you visit DermaBella Medical Spa you are expecting only the best treatments and practices available not only in Las Vegas but anywhere else. We take your health and ours very seriously and we show that every single day. Book your DiamondGlow™ SkinMedica® treatment today.

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