About the Las Vegas DiamondGlow Treatment – Your skin is the only organ you sport proudly day in and day out. How about making it worthy of the honor and stepping up your game a bit? The DiamondGlow Dermal infusion process is an advanced resurfacing treatment designed to restore that youthful glow, repair damages, wrinkles, uneven texture, and roughness gained with age and sun exposure as well as hyperpigmentation.

Las Vegas DiamondGlow Treatment is non-invasive and is a process that sucks away debris, exfoliates, and provides skin with a custom-designed serum that meets the needs of your specific skin. Nothing in skin-care is one size fits all, least of all DiamondGlow. What is common is that the Las Vegas DiamondGlow Treatment can address a variety of skin issues, and is suitable for all skin types. To customize the treatment we use DiamondGlow professionally formulated serums that address your specific needs and desires. Each serum has evolved from extensive research backed by science that addresses specific problems and skin conditions.

When it comes to anti-aging, fine line removal, wrinkle suppression, and sallow skin are a few items treated that the DiamondGlow Treatment process offers nearly immediate results. Hyper-pigmentation, the dark spots that come with sun damage are treated with yet another serum. Dry and dehydrated skin is nourished and brought to life again. Oily-prone skin is addressed and effectively cleaned with this process. Rough, congested skin is smoothed and placated with another of our professional serums.

The Las Vegas DiamondGlow Treatment Dermal infusion process improves skin’s radiance, refreshes and revives its vibrancy, and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles without the use of fillers. The DiamondGlow process offers a long-lasting youthful boost to tired, worn skin. It stimulates healthy cell renewal.

For immediate results, a more youthful glow, and that dew-kissed-looking skin you deserve, book a Las Vegas DiamondGlow Treatment at DermaBella Medical Spa. The results, nothing short of beautiful last beyond your treatment day. Skin fullness, smoothness, and the radiance that comes from within last for days, making your appearance fresher. The renewal process within the skin causes new skin cells to rise to the surface replacing those damaged cells and minimizing any concerns previously present.

One DiamondGlow Treatment offers that special feeling you need to see yourself in a different light, but a series of treatments offers dramatic results that others will notice in wonder and awe. Our well-trained aestheticians need about 6-8 weeks to work the DiamondGlow magic in a series of treatments to clear, smooth, hydrate, and even your skin tone. Rejuvenation is possible with DiamondGlow.

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