What is Ultherapy and why would you want that over plastic surgery?

It’s pretty simple really, Ultherapy is non-invasive. Plastic surgery is. Invasive means you’ll have stitches and possible scarring.

There is no recovery time with Ultherapy. You can go right back to work. Plastic surgery requires recovery time. You’ll be off of work and out of the public eye sometimes for a few days or even weeks depending on the type of surgery and your body’s ability to heal quickly.

Ultherapy uses Ultrasound that has been a proven force in the medical field for over 50 years. Plastic surgery is well, surgery. Someone will be cutting into your skin.

With Ultherapy there are zero risks of infection. With any invasive surgery, there is always the risk of infection in the surgical field.

Ultherapy is the new gold standard for cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is the old standard.

Ultherapy doesn’t hurt and treatment can be had on your lunch hour or as a “brief” off-site meeting. Surgery doesn’t hurt either but sometimes during recovery a small amount of pain is normal. Surgery requires time off; more planning and you will need to plan time off of work.

No one is going to know you went for Ultherapy on your lunch hour unless you tell them. As the results develop they will simply note that something is different. Somehow you are refreshed, youthful and subtly beautiful again. They’ll say “hmm…she’s aging well. I wonder how she does it!” If you go for plastic surgery, they are going to know immediately. There is bruising and as we said, recovery time.

Ok, I’m almost in. Tell me more!

Ultherapy has focused ultrasound energy on the areas that need improvement. The Ultrasound allows practitioners to see the various layers of tissue and focus the ultrasound energy on the layers where it will be most beneficial. It promotes the development of collagen and gives skin that dewy, firm youthful look you want.

This FDA approved treatment works to lift and firm skin on the brow, chin, neck, and décolletage, changing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving you the new look you desire. Try Ultherapy today. What have you got to lose? Just those wrinkles and lines, that’s all.

Why settle for anything less than the gold standard in cosmetic procedures? Ultherapy is the latest and greatest. We offer Ultherapy to our clients exclusively so they can experience the effects and enjoy the results! Make your consultation appointment today, get on the schedule and see the results you have been craving.

Our staff is well-trained in the usage of Ultherapy and working with Ultrasound. Just as Ultherapy is focused energy used to lift and improve wrinkles, our staff is focused on your needs and wants. They will discuss with the best possible course of treatment, length of time, repeat treatments if necessary and any concerns you may have. All your questions will be answered before you come for your procedure.

As a precursor to any surgical procedure, Ultherapy can supply you with results that may, in fact, be just as pleasing with much less effort on your part. Why not try this non-invasive procedure with no noted recovery time and immediate expected results?